August 10, 2012

We allready have an entry! ( FTS)

 I guess, first to find ( submit) to the new challenge is Just -a-Cacher.

Their entry is a CD, with a picture of some rocky outcrop pasted to the front, and not much else on the back.
either they have written 600Mb of info on the CD , or about 3 bytes of address on the back.
the second image below is how it arrived, in the post, no envelope or tape or anything..
excellent effort guys!.
thanks for the fun.
( now to remove the photo,and see if there is any secret info on this CD or not, maybe It is a listing of all their caches!,)

A new challenge for the post card cache!

Well this week marked the start of a new challenge for "send pesky a Postcard"
the challenge. make your own postcard, but it can not be a crafty hobby type one . it must be craftedfrom a ceral packet, or some other item that will challenge the postal service ... I know that someone has ssnet a coconut via the post before. but not to me.
so come on get creative,and see what you can send in.....Pesky!

We use to live in a lake!

This card is from  RuralSlicker, from Churchill Victoria.
They write....
Hi Pesky! This card shows a fishing scene at Lake Hyland, one of the attractions of this small country town where i live ( 160Km east of Melbourne) there are quite a few caches around or near this lake,and right in town( some of which are mine) The annual Gippsland gathering ( geocahe event) is held here at the lake every January. A Monah University campus is nearby, I really enjoyed doing a very different type of cache, thanks.

try and Tell the kids today that... and they nowt believe you! thanks for the card.
and the opportunity for some gratuitous Monty Python quotes.

July 27, 2012

Port arthur!

Old Saint sent me two cards.
He writes:
Firstly four secenes of sites at Port Arthur, an historic site in Tasmania.

I live near Port Arthur and thought  you may enjoy this post card.

thanks for the cards.

Deja View

I think i've seen a card like this before.
this on e is af the Tasman Bridge with Mt wellingotn in the background.

IT is from  Red tag.
they write:

greetings from Tasmania.

Not a talkative lot are they!
thanks for the card.

April 18, 2012

An underwater town,that changed it name?

As the crd says... Hollbrook, the submarine town. I'm guessing it must rain a lot or they are close to the tide levels or something for the town to be sub marine.
this cardis from BakTrak, i think he was on his way home from the oz-Mega event.

they write...
Dear Pesky, we are travelling through Holbrook in southern NSW. Seems that a big sunami during the war blew several submarines ashore here. It was kept a secret and they even renamed the town to cover it up. I approached the official at the Scout sausage sizzle ( oh Poor scouts made into sausages) stall but he just grimmaced nervously and remained tight lipped.

What i still cant work out is what the town was once called...
thanks for the card.

A chinese Postacrd with a Brittish stamp.

The card from Zalgariath arrived today, quite an interesting combination...
A month old card, from China, rediscovered and posted from the UK, telling a tale of a sydney suburb!
Z writes.
G'day Pesky!
Had this bought from Beijing China a month ago for you!, Awesome city, come and find my cache!

I cant quite work out what the card is promoting but it soulds fun... integrate housing prices with moon Standards?
thanks for the card., I think. :)

March 20, 2012

Cahe loggin Baboon, and a monkey

This somewhat modified card comes from the Samwalkers

the rear of the card was modified too, it says... the text in blue is stuck over whatever the card originally said...

Do you have to.. Do an urban Micro?
Did you log Correctly?
Are you unsure Where you left your own cache?

they write...
Greetings Pesky
I couldnt find the wheelchair postcard again but i did spend some time in cafe's and came up with this one. did I ever thank you for rescuing Mobility Stealth? Thank you. If i can find another ( similar) container, I will put it out again. Melbourne has not had a turn.
Then there are some more modified advertisments:
YOU find out where you are standing, access the coordinates, Scan the QR code with a QR Reader on your smart phone or go to Bloody then the app will go down... again.

I wonder what the postcard originally said? I don't know. I like it this way anyway!

Hand written cache-notes perhaps?

Now This one looks like it might be a clue to a new puzzle cache.... But alas it was written long before GPS was even thought of.
it is from the handwritten manuscripts exibition ithat was recently in Canberra.

the Shifters have written...
A quick hello from Canberra on our weekend of culture at the Handwritten manuscripts and Renaisance paintings. Hopefully a cache or three. regards,
Shifter Brains.

March 05, 2012

Elementary Postard- Psychodelia

This card come from Quiet1_au... he writes....

Hi Pesky, I've been meaning to do this for some time. I don't think there are any local postcards so I chose one of the many that our library gets to put on display.
This one is suitably academic and sometimes useful too :) ( I know of at least one geocache where this postcard would be a handy reference tool)
regards, quiet1_au.

I agree 90-a -7-19-16 9-8-r 90-e 20-R-d